About us

Established in the year 1988, Auto Cooling India has 35 years of rich experience in the field. We are the pioneers and one of the leading manufactures of car air conditioning hoses in India.

We have put in to place a strong sales network covering majority of the country. The reach of our product is deep and wide spread. Initially, the company was started as a workshop that went on to manufacture and then expand its arms to trading. Skilled labour combined with the use of latest machinery in the form of latahe, cnc, crimping, press machines and hydraulic bending machine among others is being used to produce a quality product. The company has seen a consistent growth record and a steady increase in market share since its inception. Our philosophy is simple: We believe in quality product at an affordable rate delivered on time.

We have undertaken exports in Africa, the Middle East etc which are also the areas where we plan to introduce an aggressive growth strategy.



35 years of varied experience has allowed us to delve deep in to the nitty gritty of the industry as well soak the essence of what plays a major role in providing a perfectly balanced product to the consumer. Technological knowhow coupled with an ability to keep pace with the rapidly changing times has put us in the position of one of the major players in the sector. Our skilled labour and the experience that has helped mould their expertise in the field have enabled us to keep a tab on the continuously evolving state of this industry.

Technology, as we know for a fact, is one of the most important guiding forces behind product expansion as well as enhancement. We at, Auto Cooling India, have put our faith strongly in this belief. We are happy to announce that we are one of the pioneers in the usage of automated machine for gas and oil recovery & charging in India.

We have safely included in our repertoire of industry knowledge the servicing of all types of Indian as well as imported cars. If you have even a minor problem with the working of your brand new Chevrolet or Volkswagen or that weather beaten Fort Mustang then worry not, we are your go to guys! We also undertake Free Ac Checkups when you come to us. Hence, you will know if there is a glitch with your car even before it might occur. We are big believers of the adage- forewarned is forearmed!

As we are staunch believers of high quality goods, it is only logical that all our products undergo a series of high intensity tests before moving on to dispatch. It is our top most priority to ensure that the product that reaches you is the best that you can get- from us as well as from anywhere else in the market.

In order to achieve the ambitious growth target that we set for ourselves, we have organized a vast sales network across the country so as to maximize our reach by way of making our products speak for us.

Technologically adroit, we are humbled and proud in equal measure to state that with the optimum use of latest modern enhancements, we aim to make our products a reflection of all that we believe in- timely delivery, sleek designs and competitive cost so that you , our customer, can benefit the most by associating yourself with our company.



We trade into all kind of air conditioning spares for automobiles that is compressor, cooling coil, condenser, condenser and radiator fans, expansion valves, receiver driers etc. If you are interested in opting for imported products then we can source those out for you as well. To allow choice, we make available with ourselves original as well as imported products.

Owing to the fact that we are into trading, we have all spares readily available with us which can be highly instrumental in saving you a lot of time and thus you can get your vehicle back without any time lag.

We know the significance of a good quality product and thus style and substance both play a prominent role in the development of our creations. A concentrated focus on a top notch quality product and absorbing customer needs into our business dealings is one of the major driving forces in all of our product development strategies. For us, the customer is at the top most rung of the ladder and we are more than just aware of this canonical fact. Our belief in our product and in the mission that binds us together has been an integral part of what we stand for today. Our ingenious marketing strategies coupled with our vision for an ambitious growth in the future has propelled us to grow from strength to strength.